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Aug 21, 2013 4:30am EDT
from the man who admits to shooting soldiers. now it's army major naddal hassan's turn. he is representing himself. the judge told him he cannot make statements only ask himself questions and answer them. it's latest twist in the bizarre court martial for the 2009 shooting that killed 13 and wounded dozen more. here at home new testimony in the murder trial of the man accuse of killedding a local loc college student. they say van necessarya pham -- vanessa pham shot back and had more than a dozen defense wounds in her car. >> julio blanco-garcia nevero-ga looked up as the doctor described in vivid detail how vanessa pham last her life in 2010. fighting with both hands beforef being fatally stabbed in stabbee neck and chest. >> it would not be initially fatal. bleeding out was the mechanism of her death. she bled, bled, bled out.ut. >> dr. williams told the court vanessa pham had numerous slash and stab wounds to the face, f chest and knees. would it be painself in would she have time think?? to both questions dr. williams said yes. police found a number of items inside her
Aug 23, 2013 4:30am EDT
to the victims of the september 11 attack. the jury is deciding if nadal hassan should be put to death. the jury got the statement aftee he did not make a closing argueg he did not think much of the t case only asking a few questions. he does not deny being the shooter and has allegedly saidly he wanted the death penalty to become a martyr. >> it's a cost that many families feel is worth the burden but it can leave you burb glid piles of death. president obama on a cross country push to promote a plan he says will make college more affordable. also in the headlines a bug in i your computer is a minor problem but it's a bigger deal when itni happens on the stock market. m the latest yesterday when we whe come back.  >> make headlines in the h financial world some kind of computer glitch halted trading on nasdaq yesterday afternoon.o. trillions of dollars in trades were held up for three hours. you can see where activity flatlined until a half hour before the closing bell. you may remember this is not the first time. this reminded many of the crash in 2010 and the ipo of face
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2